Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Raw Wood to Bunglehouse Green!

It's been a banner week for construction. The siding has started going up and portions of it have already been painted. We're going with several choices from the Sherwin-Williams Arts & Crafts Collection. The body of the house will be "Bunglehouse Grey" which is more green than grey. The Trim color is called "Vellum" and is a yellowish off-white. And the accent color that will be painted on the faux cedar shakes at some of the high points on the front of the house will be "Roycroft Bronze Green"...a dark tealish green. The TREK material has been laid on what will be the screen porch and breezeway. Much of the wiring has been completed. Fan/light combos have been installed in bathrooms. Plumbing for the upstairs has begun. The fireplace and kitchen bar areas have been framed. We made a few big changes to the original floor plan. The rec room in the basement has increased in size by about 80 square feet and there is a nook under the stairs where we will have a "refreshment" center for guests. I spent a little time selecting faucets and we shopped for stone for the foundation walls. One of the most fun things was looking at fixtures for the "vertical spa". I've been out of touch for a while, apparently, and still mistakingly called this a "shower". But that really doesn't touch what it will be! It's more like a carwash for humans. There will be four body sprays, one shower head, one hand-held shower and a 12" rain head overhead in the center. Choosing locations for various light fixtures was fun and a little stressful. Lots more decisions coming down the pike and all at a time when I've got a busy travel calendar ahead...stay tuned!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Putting a Lid on It!

Despite 5 straight days of steady rain, the past week brought lots of milestones:
* shingles on the roof!
* stairs in the stairwell!
* showers in the 3 guest bath rooms!
We also got two more exterior doors installed and lots more framing on the interior. The framing for the fireplace in the great room is in so a fireplace cannot be far behind. We've made decisions about the decking material, the exterior colors and the kitchen appliances.
And on the "other" home front, we got just about everything marked off our list in preparation of putting the house on the market.
Stay tuned! This is bound to be a busy week...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We Do Windows

Our beautiful red Pella windows and doors have been installed and what a difference they have made in the outside appearance of the house! We're two exterior doors and a little sheathing away from being totally enclosed.

Trim carpentry has also begun on the front (especially the front of the garage) and the shingles for the roof have been delivered and should be going up shortly.
Anybody want to buy a house in west Knox County?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is Here!

We're experiencing our first little cool snap of the year...a bit early! We had to wear jackets out to the home site last night...a sure sign that summer made a quick getaway this year. The good news is, by the time really cool weather gets here, the house should be completely under roof and mostly enclosed! These are front and rear views as of 9/30/09! With the progress on the roof and most of the windows and doorways being cut-out, it's starting to look more and more like a house and less and less like a box. The shingles and "tin" will go up within the next week or so and windows are due to arrive any day. Fireplaces have to be selected so ductwork can be included through the roof for chimneys. Time to pick colors for the outside so we can pick decking material!

We're right on the verge of needing to make lots of decisions...and to make them FAST.