Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!
Quite a lot to report since the last post! We have a screen-room on the side porch. It's not your grandpa's screen-porch. It's a "system" that is made of maintenance-free aluminum framing and screen panels that make it easy to replace damaged screen (anyone who has been around dog noses and screens know exactly what I'm talking about).

Stone work on the foundation was started just before New Year's Eve...and continued through today---New Year's Day! After a very pleasant holiday brunch with good friends, we visited the house and were surprised to find four young men feverishly putting up stone!

And, trim carpentry on the interior is underway. There is really nice crown molding in kitchen, dining room, hallway and office. And, several of the windows have been trimmed-out, as well. Wire mesh has been put on the fireplaces in preparation for stone. Cabinets are under construction and will be ready when the floors are installed.

Decisions this week will be tough...interior paint colors, finalizing flooring, etc. We've started looking at lighting fixtures on-line...that opens up a whole new world of excitement AND challenge.

Stay tuned...the adventure will be winding down before you know it and then we'll get on with the business of LIVING in the mountains!