Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Home Stretch/Light at the End of the Tunnel/etc.

It's hard to believe it's been over a month since I posted anything new to this blog! Much has happened in this 30+day hiatus! Most of the stone work has been completed on the exterior. Stone is still to be installed on the chimney outdoors and on the two fireplace facades as well as the face of the bar between the kitchen and the great room. We have hardwood floors (hickory) throughout the main level of the house now! The photo was taken in what will be my was the only space not covered with cardboard for protection so you get the best idea of what the floors look like from this vantage point!

We also have kitchen cabinets -- well, most of the kitchen cabinets. Hopps Woodworks has done an outstanding job on the cabinets. They are red oak with some Arts & Crafts details...and these photos don't really do them justice. We have lots of special touches. There are built-in spice cabinets on either side of the range hood within very easy reach. That's an indulgence we've never had...spices have been stashed in drawers, in wall racks, etc., but never neatly tucked away right next to where they are needed! There is a very cool sliding pantry that will be built-in to the wall just behind the refrigerator. It's an outstanding use of what was fairly useless space before. There is a special cabinet built for the microwave which operates like a drawer. The microwave will slide out and food can be placed in from the top. A huge space saver in my efficient little kitchen! And the shelf is in place for our big beautiful white porcelain farmhouse apron sink. There will be a wine fridge at the end of the island tucked inside a cabinet. And there's a cabinet that opens to the dining area where we can store liquor and bar items!
The built-in entertainment center has been installed, as well. As soon as tile floors are done (by next week) all bathroom vanities can also be installed. We're working on picking out counter-tops right now along with light fixtures and bathroom hardware. Even door hardware will be a challenge.
Our garage doors arrived damaged and had to be sent back. Temporary doors were installed instead so the garage is secure. The openers are unbelievably quiet...and we even have a keypad on the exterior so we can get in with a code! I know...most of you have probably had those for years, but this is our first real foray into the modern era!
By early next week we should have heat! The propane tank was delivered after many delays (trucks breaking down, freak snow storms, etc.) and is situated in a giant hole in the ground designed to minimize damage should it blow-up! Gas should be connected to the house shortly and heat will be available for folks continuing work indoors.
The devil is in the details...and he's knocking at our door right now! Lots of decisions to be made over the next few weeks. And, meanwhile, we continue to market our current home. It's no fun living in a place that has to stay clean all the time! We've had lots of activity, some pretty serious interest, but NO OFFERS thus far. Hopefully we'll sell it sometime in February so we don't have that looming over our heads!
Stay tuned!