Friday, June 18, 2010

The NEVER-Ending Home Stretch

Can't believe my last post was all the way back in April! And, I was all hopped-up about being in the home stretch WAY back then. This time, I really, really mean it. The bathtub is being installed in the master bath today...the front door should be stained today, as well. The closet folks...yes, there ARE closet folks...will be out to do their very expensive magic on Monday. With that, other than a few little "punch list" items, the inside of the house is, for all practical purposes, FINISHED!

The outside looks absolutely awesome...better even than I had imagined it! There is still some landscaping work (OK, LOTS of landscaping work) to be done, but much of that will be done a little bit at a time as the mood and a little inspiration strike me!

Don't know if I'll keep up the blog after moving day(s) or not. I might try writing about LIFE in the Boondocks for a while. If my daily (or semi-monthly) posts get too redundant..."another beautiful day of quiet and solitude. I think I heard a leaf fall this evening, but I can't be sure..." I'll just shut'er down till I have something worthwhile to say.

Yesterday there was a sighting of a LARGE black bear crossing a road in Saddle Ridge. I found bear "scat" (such a nice eupemism) directly next to my house last week. So...maybe there will be some interesting wildlife encounters to share.

Thanks for coming along on this little adventure with us. Hope to see you soon in the Boondocks!