Saturday, December 19, 2009

"PRIME" Time
Seems like yesterday we were excited by the first swath of the bulldozer through the pristine wilderness we'll soon call home. Then there was a big hole in the ground that became a walk-out basement. When framing began we were almost ecstatic!

Now 90% of the exterior is finished! As soon as the water line is run from the well to the house so the stone will be installed. When the railing is put on the deck and the screening is put on the porch, the only thing remaining will be landscaping.

We're inside now...and just in time. We just had the second measurable snowfall of the year which is two more than we experienced all last winter. Interior stuff has gone very quickly. Not only is the sheetrock on the walls, it is finished and PRIMER has been applied to the entire main level. The ceilings throughout the main level are primed AND painted.

We're in the final stage of selecting all the flooring...a bit behind schedule, I might add! The first quote was breath-taking...and NOT in a good we had to drop back and punt. The only other major decisions will involve light fixtures...and then there will be a long list of "minor" decisions.

Enjoy updated photos above and I'll try to update the blog a little more often. Happy Ho Ho, Everyone!