Friday, April 16, 2010

The Home Home Stretch

We are nearly 90% complete (according to the last inspection by the bank!) and are getting excited about moving out the woods! The last few months have been fun, but a bit stressful. One would think picking out light fixtures and other minutia would be the fun part. And, perhaps it would be were it the ONLY thing we were doing at the time. I am happy with all our choices and love seeing the place come together. Already it looks much more like a house than a construction zone!
We have faucets, sinks and toilets...and, by next Tuesday we should have running water in the house. The downstairs has been painted and much of the upstairs has at least been trim-painted. Door hardware is installed and doors are hung. The ceiling in the basement is complete. Tile work is 95% complete...a little more grout and some last-minute wall tile surrounding the bathtub. The concrete floor in the basement will soon be stained and carpet, the last of the flooring, will be laid in the guest bedrooms.
All lighting fixtures have been ordered. Many have arrived and a few have been installed. It's awe-inspiring to walk into the house and flip a switch and actually have something happen! It will, of course, take months to learn which switches operate which lights.
I'll keep you all posted...but it's not too late to start making reservations for a night or two (or more) in the Boondocks!