Friday, July 17, 2009

Footprints in the Hills

We have rather impressive foundation walls...and plumbing in our basement floor! It's pretty cool to be able to actually see the footprint of the know where my office will be situated and where the bedroom closet will be. The photo to the right shows the front of the house from the "inside" the "T" shape is the front porch and to the left of that is my office.

To appreciate just how impressively high these walls are, take a look at the photo on the left. Ann is only 5'2", but the wall is high. Some of this will be underground (note the waterproofing). But, when you think in terms of our bedroom floor sitting on top of this wall it gives you an appreciation of our treetop view!

Otis enjoyed running around in the "garage", but not nearly as much as he enjoyed running around in the rain and mud (much of which he transferred to the back of my car where I could now plant crops).

We've picked out tub/shower units for the guest bathrooms so y'all can begin making your reservations now! Still much to do...we're looking at exterior paint colors now so we can pick windows, soffits and roofing. Then it's on to all the really tough (but fun), plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc, etc....
Hope to report back next week...looking for a basement/garage floor, a well, and maybe even the beginning of some framing!

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