Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Excited about the Strangest Things

Never thought I'd get absolutely giddy over a septic tank...but I sort of did.

The lack of substantial progress last week has been completely surpassed by the rather dramatic progress in the first half of this week. Not only has the excavation of the basement been completed (and a substantial, impressive hole in the ground it is -- in the photo to the left, my car is parked in the approximate area of the garage and I'm standing in the basement), but we have drain field trenches and an absolutely breathtaking (in a good way) septic tank! It's like Christmas time...only different.

Now...confession time. It was dusk when we wheeled down the country roads leading to Saddle Ridge so, in the interest of safe, defensive driving I illuminated the headlights on the car. When we arrived at the construction site, I leaped from the car to study the progress and forgot to turn off said headlights. The car is approaching 5 years of age and still cranks with the original battery...well, USUALLY cranks! Last evening the ten minutes of headlight usage pretty well did the old gal in. We were rescued by my daughter and my late father-in-law's jumper cables (he's still looking out for us even though he's been gone these two years). The thought of trying to tell AAA how to get to us was more than I could handle at that hour and, thankfully, Erica called at just the right moment. Within minutes she was on the scene, the car was running and all was well with the world.

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