Monday, June 22, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait

Well...we're into that phase of construction where the excitement of the initial movement of dirt has been replaced by the anxiety of the lack of rapid progress. Last week was a bit of a wash (in some ways one can take that comment literally...there were daily storms of biblical proportions). Not much happened. It's a sign of the times...the excavating contractor has laid off so many people that when the fellow digging our basement took off on vacation there was nobody to take his place on our job. He worked hard right up to the bitter end (including a long, hot Saturday)...then the earth moving machines sat silent for the better part of a week.

Not all was lost. The driveway got "cleaned-up" as did all the brush, tree tops, tree stumps, etc. We're hoping for actual gravel on the driveway today (although the monsoon doesn't seem to be abating). On Saturday evening we drove down our driveway for the first time and parked in what will eventually be our garage! That was pretty exciting and almost made up for the lack of progress.

Let's hope for a better, more productive week this week! I'm ready to move in and the hole in the ground isn't even finished yet!

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  1. First a veritable deluge of blog posts and now a 100% increase in your number of followers!! Surely total world domination is not far behind! ps...say 'hi' to the turtle for me. :)