Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Most Important Room in the House

You thought I was going to say it is the kitchen, didn't you? Well, that one ranks mighty high to those of us who like to cook and who LOVE to eat. But the most important room to which I refer is the MASTER BATH! Ours took shape fact, I was able to stand at the "windows" and get some idea as to what the view will be from there.

I also stood in the master closet and could've jumped on my bed had it been in place. I made a cell call from my "office" to make sure I'm still getting service from that spot!

The framing for the basement level is pretty much completed and the space is actual mostly enclosed. The floor joists that were in place on Sunday are now covered in plywood subflooring.

The window selection process was completed today so that our builder could get the Pellas on order. They are BRICK RED with the grilles between the two panes of glass on the front of the house. On the sides and back, there are no grilles at all...just a clear view into the verdant surroundings! Won't be long till we're picking out all sorts of finishes. Heck, I've already got furniture placement fairly well settled in my mind.

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