Monday, August 24, 2009

The Skeleton Takes Shape

Despite the periodic downpours and gullywashers ( should see what the weather did to some of the roads in Saddle Ridge last week!), significant progress continued! I drove out yesterday afternoon with low expectations and was more than pleasantly surprised. As we approached the house, we were struck by a sea of floor joists. So many, in fact, that we could no longer stand atop the foundation walls and see clearly down into the basement. Nearly all the framing for the lower level has been completed and nearly all the joists are in for the second (main) level! The place is actually starting to look very much like a house.

We are close to our window color selection. I'm pushing for red windows. Yes, RED! The exterior needs to blend with its natural setting so will be very earth-toney. So, I think we need a little punch of color (yes, too much HGTV again). We'll see.

No camera yesterday, but I will go back and get some updated shots this week. Stay tuned....

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